THE NATURE OF GAS PRESSURES:   Develops expressions for the frequency of impact of gas molecules upon a surface and the mean impulse transferred during such impacts.  This leads to expressions of pressure that are consistent with the ideal gas expressions. 



THE NATURE OF WIND:  This paper starts off with molecular flows and velocities in still air, then shows how these parameters change when the wind blows.  The relationship of the normal curve to the distribution of flows and velocities is examined in detail.  Molecular flows and velocities normal to the wind direction are derived. 



WIND-INDUCED PRESSURES:  This paper shows how the atmospheric pressures upon exposed surfaces vary with the wind velocity and with the angle of incidence of the wind.  Tables of wind-induced pressure changes on windward, leeward, and parallel surfaces are shown.  Tables of wind-induced pressure changes with both selected angles of incidence and selected wind speeds are also shown. 



THE WEIGHT-FORCE FALLACY:  This paper shows how the definition of atmospheric pressure as the weight of the overlying atmosphere is fallacious and a relic of outmoded beliefs in the development of atmospheric physics. 



THE BAROMETRIC FALLACY:  This paper shows how the barometric equation does not describe the distribution of pressure with height in the real free atmosphere. 



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